Vormetric Data Security Use Cases

Data not in use or transit is in storage—whether short- or long-term. If that data is sensitive, it needs to be secure to protect your customers, your intellectual property, your organization’s reputation and your job security. And, while you need to meet compliance regulations, doing so will not ensure your data will not be breached. You need state of the art security. This is particularly true in the retail, banking and finance, insurance, and health care industries as well as at Federal and State agencies.

What Comprises True Security?

True security means your data is safe from both outsiders, including APTs, and insiders--those who may unknowingly make mistakes and those with malicious intent. These outsiders and insiders may engage in:

  • Data theft
  • Cyberespionage
  • Web application attacks
  • Denial of service attacks
  • Malware/crimeware, viruses
  • Mistaken or irresponsible data sharing

For any of the following reasons:

  • Financial gain
  • Economic or political advantage
  • Hacktivism (defamation, press and policy)
  • Destruction (disrupt operations, delete data)

To protect against these kinds of threats, any truly secure data protection system will include at its core:

  1. Data encryption, so that if the data is stolen, it will be unusable
  2. Integrated encryption key management to ensure unauthorized users cannot get access
  3. Strict user access policies to ensure only those who need access to free and clear data have that access
  4. System monitoring (security intelligence) to alert administrators to any irregular or questionable data access so they can take corrective steps

How Vormetric Protects Stored Data

Vormetric Data Security Platform

The Vormetric Data Security Platform

Protect the Data through Encryption with Integrated Key Management

Because those who want to steal your stored data have many ways to get to it, Vormetric protects the data itself through Vormetric Transparent Encryption with integrated Key Management for data at rest, Application Encryption, Tokenization with Dynamic Masking, Vormetric’s Cloud Encryption Gateway, Transparent Encryption for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and more. These techniques make the data meaningless and worthless without the tools to decrypt it. Moreover, they can encrypt at various levels of storage from application to the cloud.

Limit Access to Only Those Who Need to See the Data to Do Their Jobs

However, encryption would fall short, if cyber criminals were to gain access to the tools for decrypting the data. So the next step is to tightly control user access.

  • Separation of privileged access users and sensitive user data. With the Vormetric Data Security Platform, administrators can create a strong separation of duties between privileged administrators and data owners. The Vormetric Data Security Platform encrypts files, while leaving their metadata in the clear. In this way, IT administrators—including hypervisor, cloud, storage, and server administrators—can perform their system administration tasks, without being able to gain privileged access to the sensitive data residing on the systems they manage.
  • Separation of administrative duties. Strong separation-of-duties policies can be enforced to ensure one administrator does not have complete control over data security activities, encryption keys, or administration. In addition, the Vormetric Data Security Manager supports two-factor authentication for administrative access.
  • Granular privileged access controls. Vormetric’s solution can enforce very granular, least-privileged user access management policies, enabling protection of data from misuse by privileged users and APT attacks at multiple storage levels. Granular privileged-user-access-management policies can be applied by user, process, file type, time of day, and other parameters. Enforcement options are very granular; they can be used to control not only permission to access clear-text data, but what file-system commands are available to a user.

Monitor Access to Data

Vormetric enables the enterprise to monitor and identify unusual data access. Vormetric Security Intelligence provides detailed management logs that specify which processes and users have accessed protected data. The detailed management logs specify when users and processes accessed data, under which policies, and if access requests were allowed or denied. The management logs will even expose when a privileged user submits a command such as “switch users” in order to attempt to imitate, and potentially exploit, the credentials of another user. Sharing these logs with a security information and event management (SIEM) platform helps uncover anomalous patterns in processes and user access, which can prompt further investigation. For example, an administrator or process may suddenly access much larger volumes of data than normal, or attempt to do an unauthorized download of files. These events could point to an APT attack or malicious insider activities.

To learn more about Vormetric can help your enterprise defend its stored data, contact Vormetric today.


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