Vormetric Data Security Platform

In the Vormetric 2016 Data Threat Report, which surveyed over a thousand IT executives worldwide, complexity is cited as a barrier to deployment or expanded deployment of encryption. Amplified complexity results from the need to identify and encrypt sensitive data across enterprise data centers, public and private clouds, and remote servers.

To mitigate complexity, deliver IT administrative efficiency, and enable broad deployment of encryption, the Vormetric Orchestrator is designed to automate deployment, configuration, management and monitoring of the Vormetric Data Security Platform.

Vormetric Orchestrator Benefits

  • Accelerate deployments with less IT resources. Deploying encryption on a new workload is accelerated to a single automated job through orchestration of agent installation. Organizations enjoy accelerated time-to-security.
  • Operational efficiency through automation. Inevitable operating system patches must be deployed. The Vormetric Orchestrator automates installation of the correct version of updated Vormetric Transparent Encryption Agents.
  • Attain scale at lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Simplify operations to attain scale without increasing resource investment in multi-tenant, large enterprise and service provider environments through orchestration that reduces human error and removes IT resource intervention.
  • Broad environment support. The orchestrator may be deployed as a VMware or Amazon Web Services virtual appliance and perform orchestration of Vormetric Transparent Encryption anywhere in your extended network from your data centers to public and private clouds.
  • Automation Integration made easy. Scripting support through RESTful API and command line interface (CLI). The Vormetric Orchestrator is designed with a plug-in architecture enabling rapid support for IT configuration managers such as Chef.

Vormetric Orchestrator Operation

Vormetric Orchestrator automatically installs or updates Vormetric Transparent Encryption Agents on thousands of servers, on premises or in the cloud.

Vormetric enables customers to protect more data at a lower total cost of ownership. A recent innovation, Vormetric Live Data Transformation, enables deployment of encryption on even the largest data sets and databases without downtime. Now the Vormetric Orchestrator opens a ground-breaking path to automation of the Vormetric Data Security Platform. Contact us for an evaluation in your environment.


Cracking the Confusion: Encryption and Tokenization for Data Centers, Servers, and Applications

Data Security in the Cloud

This paper cuts through the confusion to help you pick the best encryption and tokenization options for your projects.

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Vormetric Orchestrator

Thales Orchestrator & Vormetric Live Data Transformation

Vormetric Orchestrator accelerates deployment of Vormetric Transparent Encryption Agents…

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 Piloting Vormetric Encryption was very uneventful, which is exactly the way we like it, and we were able to quickly assess the solution against all of our evaluation criteria, including performance, end-user impact, ease of use and transparency. It was apparent that we made the right choice. 

Albert Avila,
Business Solutions Specialist,
Fujitsu Limited


Vormetric Data Security Platform Data Sheet

Vormetric Data Security Platform

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The Vormetric Digital Digest on Data Security

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