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Experts in data security and compliance, Vormetric’s technical support engineers are prepared to deliver responsive support and technical assistance for all Vormetric products and solutions. Vormetric offers 24x7 support that guarantees our customers will immediately receive answers to any of their questions or concerns.

The Vormetric Technical Support staff is dedicated to providing our customers with courteous, prompt, and professional responses to all their technical inquiries. Our engineers are available around the clock and can be contacted by phone, email or online via our Self Service Support Portal.

Vormetric offers two levels of technical support – Standard and Premium – that afford customers the flexibility to select the plan that best meets their needs. Both programs include a formal escalation procedure that ensures an effective resolution to all your issues and questions.

Technical Support Levels

Support Level Standard Premium
Term 1yr 1yr
Support Coverage 8am-5pm PST 24x7x365
Software Updates Major/Minor updates to software at no charge Major/Minor updates to software at no charge
Hardware Replacement Standard replacement Expedited pro-active replacement
Access to Self Service Portal/Knowledgebase Yes Yes

Technical Support Response Times

Severity Level Proposed Initial Response Time to issue (*) Target Resolution Time
Level 1:
All use of Software and Appliance on a production platform is lost.
Four (4) Hours Continuous efforts by both parties.
Level 2:
Use of the Software or Appliance on a production platform is severely degraded and/or access to data is impeded with no work around.
Four (4) Hours Continuous effort by both parties during business hours.
Level 3:
Licensed Software or Appliance on a production platform causes or results in substandard or erratic performance with no work around.
One (1) Day Next maintenance release.
Level 4:
Minor problem; or when any of the above categories of Failures has been addressed with a workaround.
Five (5) Days Next update at Vormetric’s discretion.
Level 5:
Failure is cosmetic in nature and does not result in reduced performance.
Five (5) Days Next update at Vormetric’s discretion.


Technical Support (USA)
To contact a technical support engineer, call:
US Toll Free: (877) 267-3247

International Support
For technical support from outside the United States, call:
San Jose, CA: +1 (408) 837-4934
United Kingdom: +44 1538 542040
Hong Kong: +852 5808 4629
Australia: +61 2 8294 6794

Self Service Portal
If you would like access to the Vormetric Self Service Portal, or forgot your username and password, send an email to

General Questions
For general questions regarding your support, please send inquiries to

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